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March 31, 2015  Bernanke Double Tap
Sept 5, 2014
Two questions for Krugman
Aug 29, 2014 
Global Saving Glut Redux?


Sept 29 
Shut’er Down?
Sept 9
Caution Is In The Wind - (Sept 10 - Crisis Averted?)
Sept 3
Don’t Fight Lawrence Summers
July 29 
Confidence Interruptus
Jun 27
It’s A Bouncy Baby Bond Bear
Jun 24
Bernanke’ Takes Walk On Wild Side
May 27
Funny Money Turns Serious
Apr 15
Gold Gutted
Mar 26
The Central Bank Lullaby
Mar 11
The Dove Speaketh
Feb 19
The “Bully”, The “Cry Baby”, and Herbalife
Feb 17
From Free Market Capitalism To Fed Market Favoritism
Feb 8 
The Man (updated from Wish List)
Jan 14
2013: Rebuild Me A Crisis, One Dollar At A Time

Nov 15 Parachute Protection
Novr 8
Obama Trumps Romney But Bernanke Is The Ace To The Hole
Oct 18
Middle Class Mumbo Jumbo
Sept 11 
Nothing To Do About Much Ado
July 6 Fiscally Spaced
June 25 
Bernanke Ponders The Plunge
June 12 
Will The Euro Climax Be Printed?
June 8 Welcome Spain!...
May 25 The Facebook Fiasco
May 11
Does JP Morgan Have Staying Power?
Jan 20
Equities Are Not Dead

Dec 15 Did Ron Paul Slay The Gold Bull?
Sept 23 
Potential Buys If Panic Strikes
Sept 6
Chemicals (and bailout wizards) Uncharged
Aug  8
Money Printers Unite and Vow To Fight (Hyperinflation)
Aug 6 
U.S. Downgrades S&P
Aug 5 
What Now Ben?
July 14 
Catch a Bernanke by the Tail
April 13
Sokol’s ‘I’m an idiot’ defense
Mar 17
No Yen To Enter The FX Frenzy
Mar 7 
Silver: Short Squeeze or Bust?
Mar 1 
Buffett To Ben: Thank You Sir, May I Have Another?
Feb 24
Glassman’s Great Redemption?
Feb 16
Sell American. Buffett Is.
Feb 9 
Lockhart Tries To Justify The Fed’s Love (of printing money)
Feb 5 
Bernanke The Bully
Feb 2 
Give Manipulation A Chance?
Jan 28
Gold’s Third Major Meltdown
Jan 12
Another Year of Living Dangerously
Dec 16
More RINOs About To Rage?

Dec 8  The End of President Robin Hood
Nov 5 
Bernanke Dares The World
Oct 21
Stiglitz Dances With Sugar Plums
Oct 8 
To The Fed! The cause of, and solution to, all of life's problems.
Sept 29 
QEII Is Already Working!?
Sept 27 
Don’t Fear the Gold Dealers. Fear The Government!
Sept 25 
Gold’s Historic Rally Continues
Sept 24 
No Rare Metals For You!
Sept 20 
The Myth of Deleveraging
Sept 18 
From “Stub” Quotes to Garbage Quotes
Sept 15 
Delusions Less The Mania Still Scream Bond Bubble
Aug 25
The senseless slander of austerity
Aug 19
Krugmanism Explained
Aug 18
The Best ETF In Crisis Times
Aug 12
Hey Delong! Bubble prices do not justify bubble prices!
Aug 6  Until Debt Does Them Part
July 26 
PMACA, BDE, and GXP Removed From Wish List
July 23 
Rating Agencies Hold SEC Hostage
July 13 
2Q10 Wish List Review and Outlook
June 10 
PMACA Being Acquired
June 2
Lakeland: Sell The Leak?
May 28
How To Play $2,000 December Gold
May 27
Stage Set For Another Bernanke Adventure
May 21
What Goes Up
May 19
Speed Kills
May 14
Wish List Update: Clarus Corp.
May 7 
U.S. Market’s Stub Toes As Greece Fear Spreads
Apr 7
Greenspan’s Not So Great Rewrite Continues
Apr 6
1Q10 Wish List Report
Apr 1
What Isn’t Manipulated?
Mar 19
Wish List Update: AMS
Mar 18
Fear The New Krugman
Mar 18
Madoff No Rat
Mar 12
Gold: ‘Not A Bad Asset’, Indeed
Feb 1 
The Curious Case of Cramer
Jan 19
Sack The Regulators
Jan 15
Obama’s Plan: Pointless But Not Without Potential
Jan 13
The Death of Volatility, Part II?
Jan 9 
Underwater and Lovin’ It?
Jan 8 
Some Notes For All The Super-bears Out There In Internet Land
Jan 7, 2010 
2010 Preview: The Wonderful Wizard of USD

Dec 17 Is Obama Ready To Rumble? FallStreet
Nov 27
Dubia Contagion FallStreet
Nov 26
The “Orderly” Rise In The Price of Gold FallStreet
Nov 25
Bubble Religion FallStreet
Nov 5 
The Next Unsustainable Driver of Economic Activity Is? FallStreet
Oct 16
Greenspan Gone Wild (Again) FallStreet
Oct 14
Gold Bull Still In Translation Gold Notes
Aug 17
Bull Market Delusions in Recovery FallStreet
July 31 
A (Still) River Runs Through It Wish List
June 12 
Liquidation Fabrication FallStreet
June 4
Does Gold Always Go Up in Recessions and Depressions? Prechter
May 28
Moody’s Blows Smoke While S&P Brings The Mirrors The Word
May 14
Velocity of Carnage Peaks For U.S. Homebuilders The Word
May 13 (9:30 AM)
‘Liquidation’ Update
May 8 
Robins “Expected” TheWord
April 29
When will the Budgetary Debate turn into the Budgetary Diktat? FallStreet
Mar 19
Are We Near a Low in the Stock Decline? Prechter
Mar 12
U.S. Household Liabilities Contract But Hit Record High Compared To Assets Word
Mar 11
Greenspan A Glutton For (His Own) Punishment FallStreet
Mar 6
The U.S. Consumer: Forgotten But Not Gone
Feb 24
Sucker Rally Page Updated FallStreet
February 3
Borrow From Abroad…But Buy American The Word
January 15
Bond Bubble Trouble? The Word
January 9 
Sometimes You Feel Like a Nut... Wish List
January 9 
The Real Unemployment Rate Is? The Word
January 6 
2009 Outlook: Angling For A Recovery FallStreet


Dec 16 Bailout Madoff!

Dec 5  Dead Money

Dec 5  Bernanke and Paulson Make a Bet

Dec 1  Two Timely Investment Ideas

Nov 28 After General Bernanke Destroys The Deflationary Threat

Nov 17 Obama Truncated

Nov 14 Bailout/Bubble Nation Until The End

Nov 12 Why Your FDIC-Backed Bank Could Fail

Nov 11 Hubbard’s Bailout Cupboard is Bare

Nov 7  A Major Dow Bottom Next Week?

Nov 4  Can President Obama’s ‘little task force’ solve America’s big problem?

Oct 24 “Mistaken”

Oct 21 The Grass Isn’t Always Greener

Oct 20 Buffett Never Times The Markets, Unless He Is Buying

Oct 10 Death By A Thousand Bailouts?

Oct 9  Greatly Depressed U.S Assets?

Oct 3  A Necessary Evil

Oct 3  Wish List Note: Markets Battered = Batter Up

Oct 2  GE hires Buffett the Stock Promoter

Sept 30 We All Scream For Ice Cream!

Sept 26 Buffett Turns USD Absolutist

Sept 24 Let Paulson and Bernanke Buy Some of This Crap

Sept 19 (6:00 AM)  A Week That Will Be Remembered

Sept 18 Where Is The Panic?

Sept 18 Why Don’t The Anti-Shorts Laugh All The Way To Bank?

Sept 16 Has The Healing Process Begun?

Sept 15 Of Failure and Opportunity

Sept 10 Do U.S. Taxpayers Want To Gamble on Lehman?

Sept 8 Paulson’s Exit Strategy

Sept 3 The Big Question

Aug 13 The Stag Party Left Gold Bulls Drunk and Naked

July 31  Of Misnomers, Fallacies, and Lies

July 3 Grrr...

June 27  Not gentle like before

June 17  Regulators, Saddle Up!

June 11  The Fed Would Love It If It’s Bluff The Dollar Higher Plan Stays Together

June 6 Fed Tries To Fight The Flows

May 27 Greenspan’s Incessant Contradictions

May 23 Commodities Run Towards Ancient Buffalo Jump

May 15 Beware The REIT Rally

May 8  A Rally To Nowhere

May 2  Few Demanded $1,000 ounce Gold

Apr 28 Barrels of Fun as Commodities Continue Run

Apr 24 Miller’s Bull Market Brainpower

Apr 18 A Stable Leg For Unstable Times

Apr 14 He Did It His Way (Unfortunately)

Mar 20 Gold: Historic Bust or Healthy Correction?

Mar 19 It Is No Longer Raining Shoes

Mar 16 (10:30 PM)  Did The Fed Just Unleash Hell?

Mar 14 Lenders of The Last Resort Unite!

Mar 13 What The

Mar 12 Rogue Balance Sheets and The Fed

Mar 6  Ambac Turns Anxious

Mar 5  Bernanke’s Gold Show Must Go On?

Feb 26 Reducing Precious Metals Exposure

Feb 14 PMACA Shorts Quiver, But Will They Crumble?

Feb 13 False Dawns and Bear Market Rallies

Feb 8  Contemplating Commodities

Feb 8  Hold The Sardines

Feb 5  Rome Wasn’t Destroyed In A Day

Feb 4  The ‘successful’ modulation of business cycles?

Feb 1  Monoline: Of Bailouts And Downgrades

Jan 31 Poor Ben Bernanke

Jan 25 Will Kerviel Haunt Bernanke?

Jan 22 End of The Innocence (4:35 PM)

Jan 22 Will It Work? (8:50 AM)

Jan 21 Cue Bernanke

Jan 16 As Bad Times Arise, All Stocks Could Fall

Jan 15 GOLD: Read All About It

Jan 9  Would Be Bailout Master Now Focused on “Excesses”

Jan 7  2008: Is Bernanke The One?

Jan 3 Covered Call Candidate Purchased


Dec 14 Is The Monoline Train About To Come Off The Track?

Dec 12 (5:00 PM) If At First You Don’t Succeed...

Dec 12 Greenspan Sharpens His Comedy Routine

Dec 11 Fed Cuts Again

Dec 7  Freeze!  Your Under House Arrest

Dec 5  Bank Stocks Trading Below Book

Dec 3 Popeye-Paulson Needs More Than Plain Spinach

Nov 30 DELL: Mending Models

Nov 30 Subprime Delivers One-Two Punch Just Like Hurricane Katrina Did

Nov 27 The Dilution Solution

Nov 26 U.S. Holiday Sales: What Fools Believe

Nov 20 We Are In The Second Inning

Nov 9  Bernanke Squirms as USD Burns

Nov 6  Record Gold Could Prompt Biggest Bailout of All in USD

Nov 6  Should Canadians Go Global?

Nov 5 Citigroup Carnage Contained!…in Level 3?

Nov 5 Rubin’s Cube

Nov 2  How To Hedge Gold

Nov 1  Investor’s Cry After Fed Lies

Oct 30 The Hunt For Inflections

Oct 19 October Thrills Not Over Yet

Oct 17 Is Level 3 Dreaming A Nightmare In The Making?

Oct 16 You Call That A Bailout?

Oct 16   Gold Eyes All-Time Highs

Sept 28  Quick Take: September 2007

Sept 19  Big Ben and the Burgeoning Below Book Value List

Sept 17  Bernanke Meet Freud

Sept 16  Gold Gallops, But When Will It Jump?

Sept 14  Mr. Bubble Writes A Book

Sep 7  Chart: Aberration or The Beginning?

Sep 6  Gold Wakes Up

Sep 5  Waiting For Confirmation in Commodities

Sep 5  Ominous Shades of 2000

Sep 4  The School of Hard Work Or Habituated Hand-Outs?

Aug 31 Another Bailout Friday

Aug 31 Wish List Watch: HE

Aug 30 Where is the Fear Mr. Buffett?

Aug 24 Financial Storms Cloud Outlook For Gold

Aug 24 A Little Distress Selling

Aug 23 Shorts Pull Away As Put Bears Back Up The Truck

Aug 21 Forget Peak Oil, Peak Net Worth is the Real Danger

Aug 20 (9:15 AM) Ben And Coke

Aug 17 (9:10 AM) Relief is spelt B-E-N

Aug 16 (5:30 PM) Dow Holds The Line

Aug 16 (9:00 AM) Will Poole Get His Calamity Today?

Aug 15 Reasonable Fear

Aug 14 (1:00 PM) Wish List Note: WMT

Aug 14 Short Selling The Road To Redemptions

Aug 10 Wish List Pecking Order

Aug 9  Bailout Backfires

Aug 9  Brown-Forman Removed From Wish List

Aug 9  The "Plunge Protection Team" working Overtime

Aug 7  Greenspan’s ‘Adversity’ Fantasy

Aug 6  Cramer’s Sage Rage?

Aug 3  Attitudes Take Time To Change

July 26  Bear Rumblings And Housing Rubble

July 26  What To Do As Stocks Go Bust

July 24  Gold Primed, Seeks Pump

July 13  Credit Downturn Force Feeds Wall Street Banks with Losses Lamont

July 12  Where Are All The Homebuilder Bargains?

June 27  5.5-Years of COT Says Gold A Buy

June 26  Spilt!

June 19  Beefy M&A Expectations

June 13  Remain Calm!   It’s only a bunch of Bear Markets

June 8 Examining Some Prospects Following The Utilities Slump

June 8 Conundrum Unwind or Glut Rewind?

June 7 Pessimism Coagulates

June 5 Another Bear Trap or Time For Some Anti-Liquidity Bets?

May 23 Utility Futility

May 18 Gold Game Evolves As China Continues To Play Ball

May 11 Mapping The Proton Path

May 7  Relativity In A World Gone China

May 2  Whistling Dixie To The Chicken Littles

Apr 27 Buy!...Because Others Might

Apr 24 Gold: From Ignored Relic to Fan Favorite

Apr 18 China and The Chocolate Factor(ies)

Apr 13 Lakeland Industries Reports Year End Results

Mar 28 Learning Curves

Mar 23 Coming Soon To A Market Near You -- ‘The Landing’

Mar 16 The Stylings of Sir Alan

Mar 15 The First Cut May Not Be The Deepest

Mar 14 A Bailout Before The Bust?

Mar 13 Heh Diddle Diddle

Mar 9  A Cold and Flu Story Gone Cold

Mar 5  Waiting For The Paulson Bounce

Mar 2  Mind The Gaps!

Mar 1  Nero Fiddle Me This…

Feb 27 Want To Buy Some Chinese Stocks?

Feb 27 Bernanke May Have To Break From The Greenspan Script

Feb 16 Bias Changed: Fed Fears Slow Down

Feb 13 Stocks Absorb The Ominous In Stride...For Now

Jan 31 Are the Latecomers Still Golden?

Jan 26 Bear’s Wait for the Dam To Break

Jan 19 Hedge Funds: “Enhancing economic flexibility and resilience”?

Jan 17 Liquidity Dilutes!

Jan 5, 2007  The First Important Trend of 2007?

Spotlights -- 2002-04

Jan 8  Preview 2004: Investors’ Good Times Risk Rolling Right off a Cliff

Dec 9  Will the U.S. Fed Enable Future Defeats through their Ephemeral Past Successes?   Willett & alway

Nov 20 Did The Stimulus Brothers Help Engineer A Perfect Election Year, or A Perfect Storm? Willett & alway

Oct 17 Inventory Statistic May Hearken Economic Malaise rather than Rebound   Willett & Alway

Oct 10 China: When is an Axis an Ally?  Or Why Least Favored “Most Favored Nations” Make Strange Bedfellows Willett & Alway

Sept 11  Smoot-Hawley Ghosts Should Terrify Investors Willett & Alway

Sept 9 Spitzer’s Extortion Racket Shakes Down the Wrong Target Willett & Alway

Sept 3 Grasso’s Plunge Protection Premium Willett & Alway

Sept 2 The Hashimoto Factor Willett & Alway

May 14, 03 OTC Derivatives: Risking an F for Prudence Willett & Alway

January 2  2003 Preview: Pawns In The Game?

November 5:  Where Are All The ‘Top’ Dwellers? Willett & Vala

Sept 19: Will 30 bloated companies with a combined market cap of $2.6 Trillion really be able to grow earning by an average of 11.6% over the next 5-years? Willett

Aug 26:  Thumbs Down For Today’s Gladiatorial Investors Willett & Alway

July 8: The Great Gold Conspiracy Has No End Game Willett

June 4: Summing Up Investor Fears Willett

June 26: Management Integrity Picks

May 14:  The Death of Dividends: Part I  Willett

April 8: Pounding The Pavement For Earnings Willett

March 26: The Pitt Bull With No Bite Willett

March 23: Wall Street Earnings Estimates Are 'The Worst’  Willett

February 26: Plunge Protection may Plunge the Economy into the loo Willett & Alway

February 14: Insurance and Nakedness Tim Picks

January 21: Debt Crutch May Lead Economy Into Intensive Care Willett & Alway

January 2: Preview of 2002: Mega-Market Meltdown Willett & Alway


December 17:   Why No Inflation? Gophers! By Tim Picks

November 12: Market Monkeys Drown Out Investment Message  Willett & Alway

November 2:  Business Cycle Buyers Beware Willett

October 23:  Gold/Silver Update  Wish List

October 15:  Warning! Facing the Recessionary Numbers Can Lead to Depression: Why Uncle Sam Needs to be Extra Generous This Holiday Season  Willett & Alway

September 9: The Long And The 'Short' of It  Willett

August 14: Working Paper: Rationalizing the Irrational, Valuing the Intangible: Genealogy and the Inscription of the Stock Market Alway

July 21: Contrarian Paradox Turns Hopeful Bears into Duped Bulls  Alway & Willett

June 15: The Dow 30: Priced to Perceptual Perfection  Willett

May 25:  Message To SEC: Attack Pro Forma Accounting Willett

March 15:  Panic when you hear the words "Don't Panic" Willett & Alway

March 9: Abby Ignores Ominous P/E Patterns Willett & Alway

February 10 - PART II: Peaked Peaks? Willett & Alway

January 13:  Fed wizardry may not conjure up the desired economic effects  Willett & Alway

January 2: 2001 Forecast Willett & Alway


December 19 - Read The Writing On Wall Street: Recession

November 30 - The Default Debate Agrees On One Thing: Blood

November 7 - An Analytical Kicker: Will The 'Seasonal Fix' Lead To Rehab?

October 30 - Better Prepare For A Flood If You Are Hoping For A Fed Cut

October 23 - Unearned Earnings

September 18 - Peaked Peaks?

August 24 - Will The Earnings Goose Begin Running Out Of Golden Eggs Come October?

July 5 - Mid Year 2000: Bears See Darkness at the End of the Tunnel

May 10 - Don't Fear The Fed, Fear Logic

April 24 - Shake, Rattle And Roll Away From Tech

April 4 - Wake Up Kellner, The Fed Is On Hold

April 4 - The Bull Market Won't Die On Cue, But It Will Die

March 24 - Nasdaq 100: Don't Worry About The Soft Landing, Investors' Corpses Shall Deaden The Fall

March 15 - The Analyst Rating Game

March 6 - ECI Becoming Another Botched Indicator?

February 28 - For Better Or Worse The Future Is Nasdaq

February 17 - The Proximal Stock Market Landing

February 10 - You Either Believe Or You Don't

February 3 - Of Coarse Greenspan Targets Stocks: He Just Can't Aim

January 24 - PriceLine.com: Where is the thrift?


Dec 20 With Liquidity The Overriding Story Thematic Mariners Beware

Dec 4  What is Gold Waiting For?

Nov 27 All Hail The Mighty USD Bear?

Nov 1  Investment Trust Carnage Could Have (and will be) Worse

Nov 1  In Distributions They Once Trusted

Nov 1  If Everyone Jumped Off a Bridge Would U.S. Regulators Follow?

Oct 16 Dow Rally Not Built To Last

Oct 6  Aggressively Throwing Caution To The Wind

Sept 25  Crude Realities

Sept 22  A Trillion Here A Trillion There

Sept 21  Super Cyclist’s Staring out their Windows

Sept 20  Domino Day Is Less than Two Months Away

Sept 15  The Limitations of Housing/Consumption Speculations

Sept 12  If Only Every Market Was As ‘Manipulated’ As Gold

Sept 11  And the Award Goes To…

Sept 6 CAT Lands On Its Feet. One Life Left?

Sept 4 Listen To The Leaders

Aug 25 Build It and They Will Come?

Aug 23 Market Rigging Can’t Stop the Super Cycle Speculators

Aug 16 The Long-Term Consequences of The Long-Term Bailout

July 14  The Wish List is Ready For Bear

July 13  Why Cash Is Attractive

July 3 Morning Notes

June 28  Philanthropy: Capitalism’s Greatest Sin?

June 23  Will Bernanke Let The Gold Bugs Take Vacation?

June 23  Sifting Through The Homebuilder Rubble

June 19  COT Double Take

June 16  Wish List Warm-Up

June 13  Morning Notes

June 9 The Gold Bull is Sick

June 9 Dead Cat or Resumption of Bear?

June 8 Gold Could Be a Buy at 3:31 PM Tomorrow

June 7 Bernanke’s Bag of Hammers

June 6 One and [the US recovery is] Done

June 2 USD and Gold Battle For Safe Haven Crown

May 31 No Relief For Bargain Hunters Yet

May 25 It Started on May 11

May 22 Morning Notes

May 19 Gold is a financial crisis call option

May 18 If Market Slump Continues The Fed Will Start Juggling...

May 17 As Stocks Correct, Watch The Double Ns

May 15 Watch List: Another Misfire Puts 56-year Profits Streak in Jeopardy

May 12 As Bernanke Presses Pause Stocks Threaten To Rewind

May 9  Priszm Canadian I-Fund Removed From Wish List

May 9 Commentary: How and When To Sell Your Precious Metals

May 3  Ben, Maria, and the makings of a precious metals panic

May 1  Short Sell The Dow in May?

Apr 26 Wish List Update - Priszm Powers Past $10

Apr 24 Big Week Ahead.  Small Stocks Leave Their Worries Behind

Apr 17 Why Not Squeeze The Charmin?

April 13 Weighing Risk and Opportunity in Dividend Stocks

April 10 More Commercial Miscues

April 6  Note To Bernanke: Rising Gold is a Threat

April 6  Run Away From US Stocks?

Feb 1 One Good(k)night does not a sweet prince make

Mar 28 Watch List Update - HRT

Mar 16 Watch List Update - Deswell IndustriesExcel

Mar 14 What’s New with the Accounting Shell Game? More Shells.

Mar 6  Once upon a time the COT ruled

Mar 3  Crash Rating Bids Adieu

Feb 16 U$D B$B

Feb 14 Bernanke in a Coal Mine

Feb 6  If Stock Crash Arrives Are Gold Stocks The Place To Be?

Feb 3  Be Ready For March Madness

Feb 1  One Good(k)night does not a sweet prince make

Jan 27 It’s Beginning to Look A Lot like Christmas 2000

Jan 17 Are There Any Central Banks Still Standing At the Ready?

Jan 11 2006 Preview: Something Happened on The Way to Hell


Dec 9  2006 Wish List Watch

Dec 5  Odds of Gold Squeeze On The Rise; Price of Silver Could Quickly Double

Nov 23 A $500 Party or Funeral?

Nov 17 Are The Commercials Scared Yet?

Nov 16 The Sound of One Market Snapping?

Nov 11 How Far Will The Put Option Bullies Go To Keep The Bears on Ice?

Nov 9  Gold: Second Stage of Bull Market or Suckering Stage?

Oct 28 From Greenspan Put To Bernanke Straddle

Oct 19 The Story of Intel

Oct 14 Market Notes

Oct 5  Do You Still Read The Papers?

Sept 26  Gold Digs In

Sept 19  Late Cycle Dividend Watch

Sept 9 Katrina Kicked Off Short Covering Spree in Stocks

Sept 6 Katrina and the Waves

Aug 31 Another Gold Rally Bites The Dust

Aug 29 The Madness of Crowds

Aug 15 Another Pullback for Gold

Aug 8  The Next Bold Move In Gold

Aug 5  Do You Remember July 21, 2005?

July 20  Another Golden Rule

July 15  Gold Walks The Line

July 13  The Day That Volatility Died?

July 8 2Q05 Wish List Report ~ Insider Stats (Excel)

June 17  Unreal Estate Speculation

 June 16 The Death of The Dollar Bears Has Been Greatly Exaggerated

June 8 Company Watch: Microsoft

June 3 Deep Throat Says Donaldson Was Fired

June 1 Commercials Seek Hiding Dollar Bear

May 24 Googled

May 23 Wish List Watch

May 18 As Greenspan Bids Adieu, Say Hello to Uncertainty

May 11 The Outside Precious Metals Scoop

May 5  New and Improved Uncertainty

May 2  Erie Calm on Golden Pond

April 25   Buffettweiser’s Next Bottom Buy

Apr 21 Beware the Commercial Pounce

Apr 18 No To Crash. Yes To Bear

Apr 15 The US Consumer May Be Done Carrying On

Apr 13 A Good Time To Sell Gold

Mar 30 Quarter’s End Marks New Beginning For Bears

Mar 24 Follow The Yellow Brick Road

Mar 14 The Elusive Gold Stock Breakout

Mar 10 Why The Mania Lives

Mar 9  Patience Until The End

Mar 5  Baum Should Mention Buffett Or Get Lost

Mar 2  Like A Lead Balloon

Feb 28 Hancock Fabrics Update

Feb 23 Closer To The Heart

Feb 22 The Commercials Will Never Willingly Concede

Feb 18 Greenspan Plays Coy

Feb 17 Company Watch: LeapFrog Enterprises

Feb 14 Gold Proves Its Mettle

Feb 10 Company Watch: WD-40 CompanyExcel

Feb 4  Gold Market on Tenterhooks

Feb 4  TRDO Removed From Wish List

Feb 2  What is The Fed Really Fighting?

Jan 31 Proctor Gambles on Gillette

Jan 28 Company Developments Prompt Revised Outlooks

Jan 24 A Silver Producer That Produces Results

Jan 18 Ritual Slaughter?

Jan 11 New Stock Option Rules To Dent Corporate Earnings and Cash Flows

Jan 5  After Another Breakout Year, Gold Goes into Hibernation

Preview 2005:  Make My Day, and I’ll Pay You Back Tomorrow


Dec 16 Wal-Mart Nation Stands Unprepared To Battle Recession
Dec 15
ML Macadamia Orchards LP Removed From Wish List
Dec 10
The Brave Owners of Barrick
Dec 8 
Gold Stocks Got It Right
Dec 2  Be Ready To Sell Some of Your Silver
Nov 30 Battered Commercials Still At Risk of Being Deeply Fried
Nov 29
The Yongding Factor
Nov 24
Another Positive Development for the Wish List
Nov 19
The Pros and Cons of Owning GLD
Nov 17
The Hewlett-Packard Numbers You May Have Missed
Nov 16
What Time Is It?
Nov 11
A Dollar Crisis, or A Gold Bust
Nov 8 
Marveling At Mania Like Tendencies
Nov 4 
All Is Well At Caldwell
Nov 2 
Election Speculations
Oct 27
Dollar Adjustments And Golden Rules
Oct 21
Dollar Daze Give Gold Commercials Sleepless Nights
Oct 18
The Wait May Soon Be Over
Oct 12
Why The Commercials Are Weaker
Oct 8 
Gun Shy Commercials Suggest New Highs In Gold
Sept 29 
Transitory Times
Sept 23 
Realities Begins To Sink In
Sept 22 
TIP Removed From Wish List PDF
Sept 17  Bulls Beware: Coca-Cola’s Stock Price Not Done Being Mauled
Sept 15 
POG Eyes December 3-Peat on 87-Style Dollar Instability
Sept 9
Self-Sustaining Recovery or Self-Fulfilling Prophecy?
Sept 7
Dow Statistics Updated
Sept 3
Another Look At Intel
Sept 1
The Standards are Poor When Trying To Value IBC
Aug 27
Krispy Kremed Is Worth $4.15/share, But The Buffetts’ Will Pay More
Aug 25
FASB’s Ineptness “Exposed”
Aug 20 Intel and Successful Scams Suggest Market Still Frothy
Aug 10
Fearing Dollar Collapse, Greenspan Will Hike
Aug 9 
Beware of $400 an ounce
Aug 6 
On the Brink
Jul 28
Lost Decades and Steadfast Bulls
July 22 
The Maestro Speaks
July 15 
As Stocks Go On The Defensive, Bears Eye Summer Blitzkrieg
July 12 
Beware The Flat Stock Market
July 7
Laffing All The Way To The Election Polls?
July 1
Survey Says Don’t Blindly Follow Your Elders
Response To Jim Sinclair
June 30 
FASB May Crack. Sinclair already has
June 25 
Precious Metals Rally Ahead of Alan and Iraq
June 25 
A 120-year old broadband company that yields 5.5%?
June 22 
Everybody was Kung-Fed Fighting
June 1
Is Herz a Zero or a Hero?
June 15 
Bearishness Re-Affirmed
May 28
Retraction and Reaction
May 26
The Dividend Elite Are Nearing Attractive Price Levels
May 20
Silver Manipulation Theory Dealt Common Sense Blow, But…
May 18
A repeat of 1987, 1994, 1998, or 2000?
May 13
The Chinese Trade Game Part II
May 12 Silver A Buy...The Jig Goes On
May 6  The Chinese Trade Game Part I
Apr 28  
As Gold Crashes Sinclair Tells The Dealer ‘Hit Me’
April 23
The Hawks Are Circling, But Will They Land in 04?
April 21 Today’s Word is Inflation
Apr 16
As Interest Rate Party Threatens To End, Stock Crashes Begin
Apr 14 The Unwind May Not Last Long, But It Will Be Painful
Apr 7 
Silver a Sell, Unless The Jig is Up
Apr 1 
Markets Await Jobs.  FASB Under Attack
Mar 24
Testing The Legend That is Greenspan
Mar 18
Bears Awaken, But Still In Limbo
Mar 11
NUT: Investor’s Go Nuts
Mar 10
Two Wish List Selections Benefiting from Dangerous Fed Policies
Mar 1 
Two Bulls and One Buffett
Feb 23
Stimulate It, and They Will Come?
Feb 20
Gold Retest # 2
Feb 19
NUT: Don’t Go Nuts Yet Wish List
Feb 18
Merger Mania A Bubble Symptom
Feb 5 
Does A Leaked Jobs Report Presage A Deeper Gold Drop?
-- Feb 2
The One That Got Away
Jan 28
Does Greenspan No Longer Believe His Own Hype?
Jan 28
TIP: Buy on weakness, cover up on strength
Jan 23
Calandra’s Retirement Most Foul
Jan 22
Dollar Bounces Threaten To Cut Gold Down By Many Ounces
Jan 21
Pleading Ignorance in The Land of Bliss
Jan 15  
Intel Beats Back Tech’s Advance
Jan 12
Low Interest Rates Dull Investor Senses
Jan 8:
The Trick is Knowing When To Sell Your Silver & Gold
Jan 5:
There is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow

Words -- 2003-2004

Dec 15 Baum’s Rhetorical Bombs are Best Suited to Straw Men

Dec 10 Final Dow 10,000 Party May Be Decades Away

Dec 8  Visions of Dividends Not Enough To Stop Corporate Heads From Dancing To the Exits

Dec 4  Gold Holds

Nov 24 First Crack at $400 Fails

Nov 19 Commentary: The Bull Inside The Bear

Nov 18 Donaldson’s Disgrace In The Name of ‘Restoring Investor Confidence’

Nov 13: Is the Wish List’s Latest Success Indicative of an Oversaturated Market?

Nov 13: $400 an ounce bandwagon gaining momentum

Nov 10 Is Perelman Man of the Moment?

Nov 8  $400 an ounce bandwagon losing momentum

Nov 4 After 3 Years without Sleep, is the US Consumer Falling Asleep at the Wheel?

Oct 31 Forever Divided

Oct 29 Bearish Buffett Not Easily Swayed

Oct 28 Larry may be back on the bottle, but it is Snow that needs to go to rehab

Oct 22 Amazon: Still A Big Internet Gamble

Oct 15 Book On Intel’s Impressive Quarter Being Repeated in 4Q03

Oct 13 E-Season Dreaming

Oct 10 Yahoo: This Future Cash Cow May Have Tainted Milk

Oct 6 The Silver Lining After Gold Drubbing

Sept 29  Iraq is Still a Threat to the Bush Administration

Sept 24 Plotting a Path Away From Equities

Sept 22  Nikkei Pummeling

Sept 19  Unpredictability in a Momentum Mad Marketplace

Sept 15  Don’t Believe The Bull Market Baloney

Sept 9 Watching Mania Days Go By

Sept 2: Catalyst Drive

Aug 28 What Nightmare may Come?

Aug 25 Chipocalypse Feelings?

Aug 22 No New Paradigm Until The Old is Sucked Dry

Aug 18 September 2003

Aug 12 The Greenspan Games That Investor’s Shouldn’t play

Aug 7  Meltdown Pause Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Meltup

Aug 4  The Big, Red Rumor You May Not Have Heard About

August 1 It All Comes Back To Bonds

July 29  Silver & Gold Day Dreaming

July 28  The Seabiscuit Rally

July 25 Watching and Sometimes Participating in the Rodeo

July 22  AA Speculators Get Rude Awakening

July 14  If the U.S. economy does not soon recover …

Jul 10 Do You Want Some Expensed Stock Options With That Merger Monday?

July 7 Will Tech Dividends Save The Day?

July 3 Dictating A Bubble?

June 27  Interpreting Realities

June 25  Will Gold Stocks Buck The Trend This Time?

June 23  The Circus is in Town this Week

June 19  Searching For Irving Fisher

June 17 N.Y. Manufacturing ‘Survey’ Not All Roses

June 16  Uncertainty Times Greenspan Divided By Deflation Minus The Dollar

June 13  Excitement In Tech Peaked Last Week

June 12  Don’t Confuse Brains With a Greenspan Rally

June 10  Freddie and The Fed

June 9   Big Talkers, Thinkers, and Small Investors

June 5 Is Martha a Buy at Book?

June 3 Telling Stories

June 2 Markets Wait for Manufacturing Data

May 30 This is not a Buffett Moment

May 28 Internet Stocks Go Boom…You know what comes next

May 27 Bush Hopes That Investors Will Hold On

May 22 Creating New Demand for Gold and Dividends

May 20 The Strong, Tumbling Dollar

May 19 Welcome To the Matrix

May 15   Rally Takes on a Life of its Own

May 12 The Mania Capacity

May 10 Greenback Attack Puts Gold Rally Back on Track

May 6 Some Long-Time Bears Enslaved by Mr. Market

May 2  Golden Quotes

Apr 28   Herz May be Hercules & Greenspan May be a Chimp

Apr 23 Shorts Didn’t Front Run The Current Rally

Apr 17 Wall Street Misses the Point on EPS

Apr 14 Markets May Defy Logic a Little While Longer

Apr 11 Why the US Equity Markets Are Not Indestructible

Apr 8  Technical Defeats

Apr 7  Markets Caught Between Euphoria and Panic

Mar 31 Market Momentum is Still Alive, But For How Much Longer?

Mar 26 Blood in Basra Leads to Stock Market Gains?

Mar 24 Bear Market “could be longer and more difficult" than some predict

Mar 20 The Housing ‘Bubble’ Has Popped

Mar 17 End Game

Mar 14 Prospecting at PDAC

Mar 11 Everyone out of the Poole

Mar 10 The Fed’s Silent Weapon to Avert Mass Financial Destruction

Mar 7  Waiting on Iraq -- Debating what may become valuable

Mar 5  Buffett Rekindles Derivatives Debate

Mar 5  Capitulation Doesn’t Always Bring About Investor Elation

Feb 28 Laying Off The Bubble Talk

Feb 24 The shorts know that a weak economy is a weak economy

Feb 25 How long will it take the NYSE to figure out that their stats are wrong?

Feb 18 The Crude Realities of War in the Middle East

Feb 18 Inflation Figures Could Be Key

Feb 14 Conspiracy or Coincidence?

Feb 11 Gold Stocks Are More Expensive Than Tech

Feb 10 All Eyes on Blix

Feb 5  Is Richard Russell The New James Glassman?

Feb 3 Can Bush Rig-Up a Recovery By Plunge Protecting Stocks?

Jan 30 Questionable Fed Guidance

Jan 27 U.S. To Attack The Declining Dollar

Jan 21 Are The SEC and FASB Corrupt?

Jan 16 Disgraced Pitt Still Calling The Shots

Jan 15 Still One Stock Market Sell Off Away From Recession

Jan 13 World Watches as U.S. Markets Race to Resistance

Jan 10 The Unwinding of a Once Energized Consumer

Jan 8 Why Bush’s Plan Will Be Watered Down...

Jan 6  Lawless and Listless

Jan 3 No Bull: Volatile Markets Mean Bears Not Hibernating

Words -- 2002

Dec 30 A Golden Year

Dec 16 Coke Being Mauled By Classic Bear

Dec 13 Keep One Conspiratorial Eye on Gold

Dec 2  Grotesque Goodwill Games

Dec 9 Desperate times call for desperate measures

Dec 3  Cisco’s Silence Speaks Volumes

Dec 2  Supply Side Faith Adds Springs To Stocks

Nov 29 No Bull: Despite Recent Gains the Bear Market is Intact

Nov 26 Bear’s Take a Bite Following Gross Domestic Pricing-Power

Nov 25 Innocence Lost

Nov 22 Shorts Being Squeezed Tighter than Ever Before

Nov 21 Tech Topples Previous Top -- Investor Greed Grows

Nov 21 Who Do You Believe: Home Depot or The Fed?

Nov 18 Market’s Eye Saddam - Mindful of Forward Earnings

Nov 14 Tech Near A Top - Weill Hits Rock Bottom...

Nov 12 H&R & Bezos: Chips off the Blocks

Nov 11 JPM Denies -- Harvey Cries

Nov 7 Why The Federal Reserve Board Lied

Nov 5 Where Are All The ‘Top’ Dwellers?

Nov 4 The Coming Shakeouts

Nov 1 Why The Stock Market’s Applaud an Economy That is Teetering on the Brink of Recession

Oct 30 No Revenue Rebound This Year...

Oct 28 Fed Watching This Week Closely

Oct 25 Corporate Earnings Rotten at the Core

Oct 23 Strolling Through the Gold Patch

Oct 21 Will Pitt Cross Bush?  Is Buffett Out of Zeros?

Oct 18 Banking on a Recovery

Oct 8  Mart’s Push Higher - Recovery Hopes Pushed Back

Oct 7  Doomsayers Paradise Found

Oct 4  VIX Trends May Presage Crash

Oct 2 Investors Take Profits as Markets Rally

Oct 1  Military Boot Orders in Limbo

Sept 10 Are Tobacco Companies Losing Their Ability To Grow Cash?

Sept 9 Dead-End Week 

Sept 6: 5.7%?

Sept 5 Drive-By... Wal-Mart’s Bottom Line May Be Hit

Sept 5 Jump In Boot Orders May Presage Attack Against Iraq

Sept 4 Threat of Deflation Scares Some People Senseless

Sept 3 All Stocks Drop

Sept 3 Brace For Impact

Aug 31 The Greenspan Legend Is Becoming Laughable

Aug 22 Shorts On Hold

Aug 21 The Dow is up 65 points since July 30

Aug 20 Buffett Delivers Blow To Small CTBC Shareholders

Aug 19 Markets Influence Over Economy Earns Attention

Aug 15 The FASB Votes To Continue The Norm

Aug 12 Fed Admits Defeat

Aug 8 Keeping Hope Alive

Aug 8 The Fed Paradox

Aug 5 Consumers Need Time To Recover

Aug 7 Even After Enron Change Comes Slowly, If At All

July 30 The Charge Looks Strong, But It Won’t Last

July 31  Is The U.S. Economy In A Recession Right Now?

July 31  High Praise For Abby

July 24 Tearing Down the Beanstalk?

July 22 Plunge Protecting Like Its 1929?

July 17 Don’t Buy The ‘Divergence’ Hype

July 15 The Last Option: Telling Investors The Truth - Greenspan Bottom?

July 3 Dow Bottom May Be Safe For Now

July 2 The Death and Birth of Delusions

June 24-25 5-Week Losing Streak Coming To An End?

June 21 Don't Blame Poor Rich Martha?

June 17 Are stock prices really the sum of cliches?

June 10 Why Moody's Makes Me Moody

May 28 Action In Gold Won't Be Chased Away This Summer

May 16 Standard & Poor's Usurps The SEC

May 6 Give The Bulls Credit For Being Stubborn

May 3 Notes (May 1, 3)

Apr 29 Too Many Revisions To Mention

Apr 22 Earnings Confusion Heats Up

Apr 15 March Madness Fades

Apr 12 The Day The SEC Became A Wall Street Analyst

Apr 11 GE CRASHES... Almost

Mar 27 Confidence May Not Be King

Mar 11 Our stock market never suffered a bear market'

Mar 6 From Laggards to Leaders

Mar 4 The Leeson Lesson

Feb 25 What Are The Financials Telling Us?

Feb 13 Preventing The Next Enron, Or Creating The Next Milken?

Feb 8 Ammo Locked And Loaded

Feb 5 Is The Gold Rally Coming or Going?

Feb 4 Deflating Inventory Mythos

Jan 29 Markets Ease Lower Ahead of FOMC Meeting

Jan 25 For Investors, X Marks The Spot

Jan 22 Earnings Deluge. Greenspan. Enron

Jan 11 Sentiment Shift May Loom

Jan 11 Rumor Becomes Fact

Jan 6 Return of The Great James Glassman?

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