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Sept 5 Two questions for Krugman
Aug 29
’Global Saving Glut’ Redux?
Aug 27
2Q14 Wall Street Wish List
Apr 17
1Q14 Wall Street Wish List
Jan 6, 2014 
2014 Wall Street Wish List PDF
Jan 3, 2014 
Company Added To Wish List WL
Oct 15
3Q13 Wish List Review & Outlook Wish List
Sept 29 
Shut’er Down?
Sept 9
Caution Is In The Wind - (Sept 10 - Crisis Averted?)
Sept 3
Don’t Fight Lawrence Summers
July 29 
Confidence Interruptus
July 19 
2Q13 Wish List Review & Outlook WL (PDF)
Jun 27
It’s A Bouncy Baby Bond Bear
Jun 24
Bernanke’ Takes Walk On Wild Side
May 27
Funny Money Turns Serious
Apr 15
Gold Gutted
Apr 13
1Q13 Wish List Review & Outlook
Mar 26
The Central Bank Lullaby
Mar 11
The Dove Speaketh
Feb 19
The “Bully”, The “Cry Baby”, and Herbalife
Feb 17
From Free Market Capitalism To Fed Market Favoritism
Feb 8 
The Man (updated from Wish List)
Jan 14
2013: Rebuild Me A Crisis, One Dollar At A Time

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The Global Week Ahead Scotia
Memories - of 2012 and 2007 Noland
There’s a Giant Contradiction at the Heart of the U.S. Economy Irwin
Bring On the Currency Wars WSJ
The Week That Shook the Fed Morgenson
Markets Love Central-Bank Gifts El-Erian
U.S. Sees Record Foreign Inflows As Economic Indicators Reach Decade Highs Puplava
Global Economies Will Dictate Rate Hike Timing Harding
Mixed fortunes drive the outlook for holiday spending NTrust
Rolling along - for now Schwab
US can't dodge global slowdown forever CNBC
Gold: Now What? Aden
GLD and Gold's Selloff ZEAL
Entities Owning Paper Gold Are Now Getting Very Nervous Turk
Fed’s Bullard Says Markets Misread Him In October Bond-Buying Dustup WSJ
Global Views Scotia Global Equity BMO
Weekly Focus: Big drop in oil prices to boost consumption Danske
Dissing U.S. Disinflation Talk BMO
If the Right is wrong on climate change, the Earth burns Farrell
House Republicans Sue Obama Over Health Law Implementation BL
Future dim for Taj Mahal, former Revel casinos AP

Is China Building a Mortgage Bomb? Pesek
ECB's Draghi throws door to quantitative easing wide open as recovery wanes Reuters
China's 600 Million Internet Searchers Nudge Global Web Toward Censorship BL
China’s New Global Leadership Project-Syndicate

Gold rallies to three-week high after surprise China rate cut Reuters
Federal Reserve put financial system at risk, Senate report finds Guardian
Wall Street Bank Involvement With Physical Commodities (Day One) Senate
Crash-caller Schiff says Fed will cause next one MW
How The Fed’s ZIRP Is Fueling The Next Subprime Bust Stockman
Have Central Banks Entered an Undeclared War? Smith
Fed’s Bullard: Fed Has Boxed Itself In When It Comes to June Rate Hike WSJ
Fed’s Dudley Sees Loss of Trust in Banks as Threat to Stability WSJ
Fed inflation goal and the ‘coming years’ mirage Saft
Strategies for Addressing Capital Flight, Part 1 Triple Crisis
Falling wages at factories squeeze the middle class NYT
Have changing household composition and retirement caused the decline in median household income? MW
Here Are Goldman Sachs's Top Trades for 2015 WSJ
Bankers Lie. So Does Everyone Else. BL
SEC director with big stock holdings stirs debate Reuters
Soros invests $500 million with Bill Gross MW
If Pimco Were A Country, It Would Be The Most Unequal Place On The Planet HP
Cash Is for Losers! BW
Doomsday pope warns man's greed will destroy world AFP
Fed Faces Pressure to Rein in Wall Street Commodity Businesses BL
Unusual gold moves in Asian hours puzzle jittery traders Reuters
China ‘triple bubble’ points to long slide for commodities MW
China cuts interest rates to lift sagging economy Reuters
Draghi signals ECB ready to step up asset-buying MW
Hard Evidence: is the UK facing another financial crisis? Keen
Italy accuses Brussels of ‘shaky’ accounting FT (via Google)
Abe Listening to Krugman After Tokyo Limo Ride on Abenomics Fate BL
“That nailed Abe’s decision -- Krugman was Krugman, he was so powerful”
Aso Warns on Speed of Yen Drop While Saying Rate Is Up to Market BL
Japan Should Be More German Pesek
Why the Bank of Japan is Wall Street’s new BFF Arrends
PBOC Said to Inject Funds as IPO Demand Triggers a Cash Squeeze BL
Osborne backs down over EU cap on bankers' bonuses Guardian

Philly Fed Hits a 21 Year High BeSpoke
Why the Bull Market Is on Borrowed Time Fiscal Times
Turning to One Debt to Pay Off Another NYT
Fed and Markets More Co-Dependent Than Ever El-Erian
Pettis: Spain Needs to Debate Leaving the Euro; Tooth Fairy Economics Mish
Recessions Leave Permanent Scars, Fed Research Finds WSJ
The latest M&A boom is going to end badly Hulbert
Currency carry trades are not what you think VOX
What's Scarier Than DE-flation? EW
Crude and Credit Warn Of The Elongated Cycle Double Peak Alhambra
Quick, Some Meaningless Budget Numbers from the NYT Baker
Notes on Russia Outside The Box
Senate Report: Wall Street Banks Manipulated Prices At Consumers' Expense HP
Walmart officially in the running for worst corporation in the world Guardian
Goldman fires staff for alleged NY Fed breach FT
Caesars reveals plan after creditor walks away AP
Goldman, Morgan Stanley Commodities Heyday Gone as Units Faulted BL
Goldman accused of exploiting metal storage rules CNBC
Gold: It’s Time to Buy Barron’s
Cheap-Oil Era Tilts Geopolitical Power to U.S. BL
Oil and gold price plunge does not signal a global recession, experts say Guardian
Oil industry risks trillions of 'stranded assets' on US-China climate deal Pritchard
China's factory activity stalls in November
China Seen Boosting Banks’ Lending Power to Help Spur Growth BL
Era of yuan cooperation starts for ASX and BOC SD
Japan Exports Rise Likely A False Dawn WSJ
Japan's Warning to the World BL

Fed Officials on Lookout for Decline in Inflation Expectation BL Minutes
The curse of weak global demand Wolf (via Google)
Yellen Gets That Sinking Feeling Greenspan Once Knew BL
Republicans looking to turn up heat on Fed in 2015 CNBC
Grand Central: Fed Coming Under Pressure From Both Left and Right WSJ
Yellen Should Not Let Wages Be Her Guide Baum
3 lessons from the stock-market anniversary everyone forgot about Hulbert
Debt trouble comes in threes BIS
The Risks to the Inflation Outlook FRBSF
Corporate Bond Spread Versus Treasuries Widens to Most in 2014 BL
Why Living in a Post-Bubble World Is No Fun Smith
NYSE cancelling Home Depot trades below $93.33 MW
U.S. judge accepts broker's guilty plea in IBM insider trading case Reuters
Goldman Sachs Said to Dismiss Currency Trader Over HSBC Probe BL
Saudi oil policy uncertainty unleashes the conspiracy theorists Reuters
Why Putin is buying so much gold CNBC
Gold investors feel like the bees of the financial markets Myrmikan
ECB entering 'very dangerous territory' warns S&P Pritchard
China's Stock Exchange Link Fuels U.S. Buying as ETF Swells Toward Record BL
Chinese borrowers raise multi-tranche bonds Finance Asia
Risky rewards for China's overseas investment boom AFP
China’s home prices fall in October SD
BoJ keeps economic outlook despite Japan sinking into recession AFP
Russia Delivers a New Shock to Crimean Business: Forced Nationalization BW
Lenders report 'out of control' investor interest in new subprime product Scotsman

Industrial Output in U.S. Unexpectedly Fell in October BL
Is This Purgatory, Or Is It Hell? GMO Quarterly
"Crude Oil?" Saut
'Major correction' in 3 to 5 years, Icahn says CNBC
FX Forecast Update: The Fed and the rest Danske
Seven big U.S. companies paid CEOs more than Uncle Sam in 2013: study Reuters
10 brilliant quotes from Warren Buffett, America’s second-richest person Fortune
Madoff recoveries top $10 billion with new deal CNBC
The Mystery of 12,000 Missing Teslas: Overseas Boom or Waing U.S. Demand? BW
Steven Cohen's ex-wife can ask about this: Judge Reuters
Gold Lending Rate Most Negative Since 2001 on Longer Refining BL
The Commodity Supercycle Ain't Over - Yet Market Anthropology
Disappointment Becomes Norm for Global Growth as Japan Contracts BL
What might the failure of Abenomics mean for Japan? Fabius Maximus
Japan can't print people Saft
Abe’s $1 Trillion Stock Market Gift Shields Investors From Recession Gloom BL
Japan’s ‘debt problem’ in perspective FT
Japan proves QE doesn't work: Expert CNBC
Japan's 'Abenomics' can survive quadruple-dip recession Pritchard
Why Japan's Economy Is In A Ditch -- And What Must Be Done To Pull It Out Forbes
China’s new-home prices slide further MW
ong Kong authorities begin clearing main protest camp AFP
Putin's Reach:Merkel Concerned about Russian Influence in the Balkans Spiegel

These Go to Eleven Hussman
Brave new world Price
2015 Is Shaping Up to Be a "Turkey" of a Year for the U.S. Economy and Stock Market Kasriel
We Need Stock Prices to Fall 25% WSJ
Investors Still Betting Against Bonds Despite Massive Losses: Poll BL
What The Fed Has Wrought JimQ
The Cruel Injustice of the Fed's Bubbles in Housing Smith
Low rates not creating stock bubble: Fed's Powell CNBC
Modern accounts are instruments of deception Hutchinson
Bubble Behavior? Alhambra
The  Money Supply Decelerates in Oct - the Risk of an Economic Bust Just Went Up Pollaro
What restaurants are telling us about the U.S. economy MW
Markets 'living on borrowed time': Wilbur Ross CNBC
Fed hosts meeting with banks, regulators on LIBOR alternatives Reuters
Euro zone's troubles, gold vote test Swiss central bank Reuters
Swiss Gold Referendum in Perspective Mish
The Real Reason Why Germany Halted Its Gold Repatriation From The NY Fed   ZH  Sprott
Hedge Funds Cut Gold Bets in Fastest Exit This Year: Commodities BL
Bubble in the Oil Patch Yardeni
Allergan near buyout of up to $65 billion to escape Valeant, Ackman: source Reuters
The Folklore of Finance: Beliefs That Contribute to Investors’ Failure NYT
‘Too Big To Fail’, explained by champion bodybuilder MW
Japan slides into recession as tax hike takes toll AP
Japan’s Game-Changing Recession Shocker WSJ
Brazil's central bank steps up forex intervention MW
Investors eye quick gains from HK-Shanghai exchange tie-up FT
China Stocks Rise as Foreign Buying Quotas Approach Limit BW
Shanghai Stock Buying Tops Hong Kong by Tenfold in Link BL
China Banks' Bad Loans Rise Most Since 2008 BL
Ruble Less Respected Than Rand as Volatility Hits Record Reuters
Height of ambition, or of folly? London's skyline knows no limit Observer
David Cameron’s economic warning lights: dark days ahead? Guardian

The Global Week Ahead Scotia
Financial Sphere Bubbles Noland
Tim Price on Financial Repression G. Long
G-20 Plans $2 Trillion Growth Boost to Uneven Global Economy BL
Global Views Scotia Global Equity BMO
Weekly Focus: Will Abe call snap elections in Japan? Danske
Oil price slump to trigger new US debt default crisis as Opec waits Telegraph
Bullard Says Low Inflation Doesn't Justify Zero Rates BL
Borrowers, Beware: The Robo-signers Aren’t Finished Yet Morgenson
Paulson Keeps Gold Stake Unchanged for Fifth Quarter BL
Walmart workers plan Black Friday protests over wages Reuters
Big changes in Buffett and Berkshire holdings 24/7
Bill Gross, the $290 Million Man Ritholtz
JPMorgan Settles Claims It Cheated Shale-Rights Owners BL
Still Lower Oil Prices Ahead Harding
Falling oil prices produce gain - and pain NTrust
Court papers filed to close Trump Taj Mahal casino Reuters
House Passes Bill to Approve Keystone Over Obama Objections BL
China's Xi: China economic growth to be sustainable, balanced - Xinhua Reuters
What China's New Trading Link Means for Investors Schwab
Strategy: Euro area weakness due to Ukraine crisis Danske
How close are we to the end of the credit cycle? Schroders
Putin Said to Plan Early G-20 Exit as Ukraine Casts Shadow BL

Rising dollar America’s currency, everybody’s problem Saft
Volcker at Odds With How Central Bank Now Makes Policy WSJ
Marc ‘Dr. Doom’ Faber: I will soon be proven right CNBC
Contemplating Stocks without QE Schiff
U.S. Monetary Policy and its Global Implications Dudley
Let's Meet The Hard Money Extremists Forbes
Take Cover Now - They Don’t Ring A Bell At The Top Stockman
Better Be A Shovel-Ready Future Alhambra
Extreme Wealth Is Bad for Everyone Lewis
Oil Slick NA Outlook (BMO)
Anxious gold bugs swarm Switzerland’s central bank FT (via Google)
Putin Is the Biggest Gold Bug BL
Gold Sentiment - A Contarian’s Dream? Acting Man
Oil to fall further in 'new chapter' for markets: IEA CNBC
New Oil Order Will Come in 2015: Currie BL
Commodities could stay out of favor for a decade MW
A House Is Not a Credit Card NYT
Why the SEC can't agree on what to do with Steven Cohen's $600 million Fortune
Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway buys P&G's Duracell Reuters
Cold comfort as France, Germany eke out growth Reuters
Italy’s Slump Enters Fourth Year, Complicating Renzi’s Plans BL
The World Economy Is in Bad Shape, Especially Europe: Poll BL
Abe Adviser Says Dollar at 125 Yen Would Make Him Nervous WSJ
Venezuelan Bond Exodus Deepens on Spurned Devaluation BL
Research: Rouble risk - more about oil prices than geopolitics Danske
Russia to G-20: We're here. So are our warships AP
Interview with Kissinger: 'Do We Achieve World Order Through Chaos or Insight?' Spiegel  RT
Fear and Loathing in China's New Economic Normal Brookings
U.S. Envoy Sees Risk of Ukraine Spinning Out of Control BL

Don’t get suckered by stock-market winning streak MW
Three Hidden Red Flags for Stock Investors Barron’s (via Google)
US Stock Market Cumberland
When Worst Fear in Market Is Investors With Too Much Fear BW
Stock bubble? Don’t blame the Fed’s bond-buying program Samuelson
‘Cartell’ Chat-Room Traders Boasted of Whacking FX Market BL
The traders -- from Citigroup Inc., JPMorgan Chase & Co. and UBS AG -- had worked together for years to manipulate the $5 trillion-a-day currency market
Why Are So Many Workers Still Part Time? Seven Charts WSJ
Welcome to the Failure Age! NYT
Why the Rising U.S. Dollar Could Destabilize the Global Financial System Smith
Global banks agree to pay $4.3 billion for manipulating currency markets Economist
Barclays Pressed by New York’s Bank Regulator in FX Probe BL
Forex Investors May Face $1 Billion Loss as Trade Site Vanishes BL
Bank of America Won’t Loosen Mortgage Standards, CEO Says BW
Global gold demand eases: industry body AFP
Small Investors See Silver Lining WSJ (via Google)
Cash Flows Into Big Silver ETF as Silver Coin Sales Surge
US shale pioneers circle the wagons FT
Gov't tells US drivers to get used to cheap gas AP
Caesars Said Lining Up Creditors for January Bankruptcy BL
Two Warhols fetch $153 million to lead Christie's record-setting... Reuters
Why retirements really are at risk MW
AEP: Spreading deflation across East Asia threatens fresh debt crisis Pritchard
China Slowdown Deepens as Leaders Said to Mull Cutting Target BL
PBOC ends daily yuan cap for HK residents China Daily
China property investment slows further, but slump in sales shows signs of easing Reuters
The Russians Have Persuaded The Chinese To Bail Out Their Oil Industry   BInsider
Are Russian ETFs Signaling A Potential Crash? Nasdaq
Ukraine Tells Army to Prepare for Battle as Tensions Rise BL
Million-Dollar Homes in Sydney Highlights RBA’s Dilemma BL

The Central Banker Bubble Needs to Pop BW
Hato No Naka No Neko Things That Make You Go Hmmm...
Grand Central: Troubling Signs of Deflation in China WSJ
Is the Fed out of touch with Main Street? CNN
Bearish pro surrendering; embraces the bull CNBC
Investment advisers often make Kaelin Clay’s mistake Hulbert
Fed’s Plosser: Raise Rates Soon or Risk Falling Behind the Curve WSJ  Speech
Switzerland: Vote Yes on Gold Initiative Merk
Which Cities/States Will Be the First to Default When the Economy Rolls Over? Smith
Banks to Pay $3.3 Billion in FX-Manipulation Probe BL
Leverage as High as 50-1 Lures OTC Forex Traders Who Most BL
Exclusive: BlackRock reorganizes sales force, taps JPMorgan executive Reuters
Leaked Geithner files paint EU leaders as bumblers MW
Pimco could withstand extra $300-350 bln outflows over two years: Morningstar Reuters
Gold to Find Solace From Negative Lending Rate: Chart BL
Why Is Gold Losing Its Luster? Yardeni
Stronger dollar could mean $30 oil: Pro CNBC
U.S. Shale Boom Masks Threats to World Oil Supply, IEA Says BL
Yen Confounds Forecasters as Options Show Deeper Declines BL
Hong Kong lifts daily yuan conversion limit AFP
Full-time jobs account for only 1 in 40 created since recession Guardian
Floating ruble draws Germany closer to Russia MW
Argentina slams US judge on Citigroup payment AP
Sydney House-Sellers Demand Record A$1 Million Median Price BL
Ukraine’s Debt Dilemma Project-Syndicate

A Recipe For Disaster Cross Currents
The Last Argument of Central Banks Mauldin
Dash Dash... Dot Dot Saut
Road to nowhere Price
New Report: Deflation Rearing its Ugly Head in Subtle and Not-So-Subtle Ways... EW
Does Slower Growth Imply Lower Interest Rates? FRBSF
Roubini: Interest rates won't rise soon CNBC
Fed's Plosser: Low rates 'should make us nervous’ CNBC
The Return of the Dollar El-Erian
Predictors of ‘29 Crash See 65% Chance of 2015 Recession BL
Bread, Circuses, & Bombs - Decline of the American Empire - Part 2 JimQ
4 near-term catalysts for the next stock market crash MW
Governments can't spend their way out of trouble Hutchinson
Republican win spells doom for overheating cities Farrell
IMM positioning: Bearish EUR bets regain momentum Danske
Global Economic News Coverage Shows Less Optimism in October WSJ
Banks Are Poised to Settle With U.S. Regulator in Currency-Rigging Cases BL
Ackermann Is Lured to Cyprus Bank by Billionaires BL
Alibaba's 'Single's Day' bigger than Black Friday MW
Gold Trades Above Four-Year Low on Signs of Physical Demand BL
Gold will signal when stocks have peaked MW
How Close Is Russia to Financial Crisis? El-Erian
Russians buy dollars, hoard cash on rouble fears Reuters
President Vladimir Putin blames currency woes on speculators and the West.
Amid currency gyrations, Russia floats ruble AP
Europe: the storm clouds are gathering once more Warner
Mr. Europe?  The Ghosts of Juncker's Past Come Back to Haunt Him Spiegel
ECB’s Balance-Sheet Goal Takes a Hit WSJ
What caused the Eurozone’s Crisis? VOX
Germany’s Secret Credit Addiction Project-Syndicate
Why betting on Japan is a no-brainer MW
US judge calls for Argentina to make next interest payment AFP
Brokers launch Stock Connect turf war Finance Asia
ICBC gets to clear yuan trade in Toronto Shanghai Daily
Angry Canary Islanders brace for an unwanted guest - the oil industry Guardian

Do the Lessons of History No Longer Apply? Hussman
The Stock Market Is Overvalued By 100% Hussman
The Fed’s bond buying enigma Samuelson
The Rise of Invisible Unemployment Atlantic
And The Biggest "Source Of Equity Demand In Recent Years", According To GS, Is... ZH
Financial Moves to Make This Year Arrends
Fewer active managers beat market than at any time in decade FT
China’s $9 Trillion Untapped Market Spurs U.S. ETF Frenzy BL
GM ordered new switches months before recall: WSJ Reuters
The master who teaches the Merrill herd to graze on wheatgrass and chia Reuters
Gold Bulls Accelerate Retreat to This Year’s Fastest Pace BL
With dollar on a tear, gold and silver rout far from over - Reuters poll Reuters
Janus Attracted More Than $1 Billion After Gross Joined BL
Iron ore and the dangers of living by the sword Reuters
HK-Shanghai cross-trade starts Nov. 17 MW
MW: “For the first time ever, retail investors around the world will be able to invest in mainland Chinese equities”
Stagnant growth raises spectre of recession across eurozone Guardian
G20 agreement on regulating banks will end bailouts - Mark Carney Guardian
India vs. China: The Battle for Global Manufacturing BW
Leaders of China, Japan hold ice-breaking meeting AP
Stakes are high as US plays the oil card against Iran and Russia Guardian
Putin seeks to reassure world amid 'perfect storm' CNBC

The Global Week Ahead Scotia
Back to the Nineties Noland
The Biggest Threat to U.S. Jobs: The ‘Contestability’ Nightmare Mauldin
Why the stock market is weaker than it looks Hulbert
Central Bankers Join Investors Warning on Easy Money BL
Solvency, Lost in the Fog at the Fed NYT
Review: The secret cause of economic crises Reuters
Most Wall Street firms still see Fed rate hike by June 2015: Reuters poll Reuters
Election, Fed, and Stocks ZEAL
Global Views Scotia Global Equity BMO
Weekly Focus: Draghi did it again Danske
What Jobless Recovery? BMO  America: land of phantom job openings Reuters
November business cycle update Fidelity
Reader Question on Greenspan and Gold: "No Fiat Currency Can Match It" Mish
Republican win spells doom for overheating cities Farrell
A Blank Page in the S.E.C. Rule Book, Four Years Later Morgenson
UK prepares forex fines for six banks on Wednesday: sources Reuters
Earnings outlook might be less rosy than investors think Reuters
Healthy Returns From the Healthcare Sector Harding
Shale Drillers Idle Rigs From Texas to Utah Amid Oil Rout BL
What silver and gold now say about global growth MW
Tidal Wave or Drop in the Bucket? Differences in Water Use Across the US Brookings
China Exports Bolster Economy as External Demand Strengthens BL
Emerging Stocks Decline as Nigeria Exchange Enters Bear Market BL
Ukraine Truce Vanishes as Government Says 200 Rebels Dead BL
Gorbachev: Ukraine crisis stokes new cold war FT

US consumer borrowing up $15.9 billion to record AP FED
Yellen pledges clear signals for rate policies AP
ECB staff told to prepare further measures for use 'if needed': Draghi Reuters
U.S. Payrolls Rise as Jobless Rate Drops to Six-Year Low BL
Exclusive: Some senior Merrill brokers leave, BofA executives concerned - sources Reuters
Did the Fed Save us from a "Liquidity Trap"? Comstock
Is this a Global Central Bank Bubble? How will the Markets React?
US economic growth is all an illusion Crudele
Doubting the Economic Data? Consider the Source Norris
Central Banks Can’t Be ‘Only Game in Town’ Boosting Economies BL
The searing Twenties Economist
The depression of 1920-21 has much to teach modern policymakers
The Forgotten Depression: 1921: The Crash That Cured Itself Grant
Middle-class troubles in one chart Nutting
One Chart Explains Democrats' Loss Ritholtz
Income Inequality in the World Triples Crisis
It's The Economy, and They're Not Stupid Schiff
The $9 Billion Witness: Meet JPMorgan Chase's Worst Nightmare Taibbi
BofA triples third-quarter loss due to forex legal expense Reuters
Fannie CEO: Low-down-payment mortgages ’can be safely made’ MW
Gold’s losing streak extends to 7th session MW
Maybe this central bank will bail out gold CNBC
Bitcoin Ponzi Schemer Lost a Bet BL
Japanese companies growing wary of yen's incessant slide Nikkei
Relax, the ECB is ON IT Saft
ECB Noyer Warns Low Rates Could Discourage Reforms BL
Putin Is Losing Out to China in Central Asia's Latest 'Great Game' BW
Banking industry in competition probe Inde

U.S. Stocks Gain as Jobless Data Boost Economic Optimism BL
Draghi Reinforces ECB Stimulus Momentum to Assuage Investors BL
Snail Trail Vortex Absolute Return
Japan's kaput?! Merk
Mario Draghi's efforts to save EMU have hit the Berlin Wall Pritchard
Ben Bernanke: QE will be difficult for the ECB CNBC
The Fed Worries About Repeating Its 1937 Blunder. So Do Markets BL
Yellen Can't Say It, but the Republican Win Was Bad for Her BW
Fixing the Fed Could Emerge As Priority of Congress NYS
Fed’s Fisher Tells Congress Don’t Mess With Central Bank BL
“Think about this: Here’s a Congress that can’t even get its own budget together. Do you want them running the central bank?”
Why Can't The Fed Spot Bubbles? Forbes
The Rising Complexity of the FOMC Statement FRBSL
This stock market rally is for suckers MW
The Most Ridiculous Seasonal Adjustment You Will Ever See ZH
November TRIGGER$ G. Long
Einhorn: I'm adding to 'bubble' shorts like Amazon CNBC
Three bets going sour on Buffett MW
Utilities Valuation Ticks Above Market Levels BeSpoke
US Pension Plans Need Massive $110 Billion In 7 Years, Moodys Warns ZH
Future of Dodd-Frank uncertain MW
Former AIG Chief Might Actually Win Lawsuit Against The Government HP
Gold Trades Near Lowest Since 2010 as SPDR Assets Extend Slide BL
Developer cancels Detroit land buy, has new plan DET FP
Japan's Wealthy Are $3 Billion Richer After Central Bank's October Surprise BL
“The top 10 percent or 20 percent are getting richer, on the other hand the bottom 20 percent to 30 percent are becoming poorer”
BOJ Runs Into Critical Analysts After Kuroda Easing Shock BL Kuroda
China Potential Outstripping 1950s Japan Is Reform Prize BL
Deluge of Chinese bank capital bonds gathers pace Finance Asia
Nissan cuts global sales outlook on China slowdown China Daily
All The Ways The Euro Crisis Is Actually Much Worse Than The Great Depression BInsider
Strong rules ‘made Canada resilient to crisis’ FTA
Periphery Business Cycle Monitor Danske

“Investors around the world are shocked, shocked that the monetary wizards may have run out of magic tricks to revive global economic growth”

“I hope we can all agree that once-in-a-century emergency measures are no  longer necessary five years into an economic recovery"

"Now we are in a completely different world”

“There were no fingerprints of an easy money policy in the marketplace”

“There are increasing signs quantitative easing has overstayed its welcome”

“We have to turn the page on the bubble-and-bust mentality that created this mess”

“Nobody understands gold prices and I don’t really pretend to understand them either”

Total World Debt Load at 313% of GDP WSJ

“Central banks gains and losses belong to society”

“There’s a lot of liquor out there now”

“The debt is in dollars. We can’t run out of cash. We print the stuff”

“We're on a threshold of a very serious, confrontational actions in the sphere that is known ... as currency wars”
Russian central banker Alexei Ulyukayev

“...if we do not see substantial improvement in the outlook for the labor market, we will continue the MBS purchase program, undertake additional asset purchases, and employ our policy tools as appropriate until we do.”

“The underlying impact of the international financial crisis is far from over"

“We’re at the risk of overburdening the central banks. We keep applying what I call monetary Ritalin to the system. We all know there’s a risk of  over-prescribing.”

'For you ... anything.'

"I don't see total debt liability as long as I live”

“We're prepared to do more” 

The reason a bank run is so feared is because it could land every bank in the world in trouble -- even the healthiest ones

“Civilized people don’t buy gold”

“In my view, it’s not going to happen.  It’s a fantasy. Wall Street keeps dangling QE3 out there [but] I just don’t see it happening.” 
Fed Fisher

“We are not seeking higher inflation. We do not want higher inflation and we're not tolerating higher inflation”

“The crisis in Europe is more serious than the crash of 2008.”

“Without an agreement with the troika and further funding, Greece in March faces an immediate risk of an uncontrolled default" 

“There is no economy in the world, whether low-income countries, emerging markets, middle-income countries or super- advanced economies that will be immune to the crisis that we see not only unfolding, but escalating at a point where everybody would actually have to focus on what it can do”

“I simply do not know where the money is, or why the accounts have not been reconciled to date” 

“We could continue and keep kicking this can down the road, but I think the people of Jefferson County have had enough” 
Commissioner Joe Knight

“If you open up the Pandora’s box, then who is willing to invest in sovereign risk?”

"If there isn't a solution by Sunday, everything is going to collapse”

“We can borrow money for 10 years as the government of the United States because people have confidence in this country at less than 2 percent...The responsible path now is to take advantage of the unique position...”
Americans Express Historic Negativity Toward U.S. Government Gallup

SNB: “The SNB will enforce this minimum rate with the utmost determination and is prepared to buy foreign currency in unlimited quantities.”
Hildebrand StatementCentral Bank Chief Faces 'Big Gamble' WSJ

“We have a problem in this country with debt” and “if we don’t turn to the long run, we will be dealing with overnight crises for as far as the eye can see.”

“You're safe” 

“The United States can pay any debt it has because we can always print money to do that. So there is zero probability of default.” 

“If I have to buy (Treasurys) at a zero percent yield, I will.  I don't like it, but we'll do it.“

“We can't simply cut our way to prosperity” 

"The debt level of the USA is disastrous"