'According to credible sources, it has become government policy to "protect" the investment community from the laws of gravity.  The government has even admitted as much. Alan Greenspan gave a speech in Lueven, Belgium on the 14th of January, this year, in which he touted the Fed's obligation to bail out banks and private financial institutions not just by printing unlimited amounts of money but also through "direct intervention in market events."'
Rex Rogers, Timely Expose' -- November 1, 1997

"That many investors believe a so-called "plunge protection team" exists may be as important as whether it's fact or myth. Such beliefs may explain why many investors rode the markets down in the past 22 months, and why most continue to have faith in the stock market, and in Greenspan."   TheStreet.com January 24, 2002.

~ March 18, 1988: Working Group on Financial Markets ~ Executive Order 1263112631 - Reagan Administration

Fed Ponders 'Unconvential' Methods To Combat The Potentially Deleterious Effects of a Zero Bound Interest Rate Policy
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- April 11, 2001:  Discussion pertaining to over-the-counter derivatives; hedge funds; and contract netting. ~ WGOFM
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