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FallStreet was launched in 1999 with a simple mandate: to alert the investing public about the imminent implosion of one of the greatest stock market bubbles in U.S. history.  This warning was given added impetus when the excesses of the late 1990s morphed into an unprecedented housing/credit bubble.  And central banks and governments propping up economic and financial market activity to circumvent the collapse of these financial bubbles, the voice of FallStreet remains a vital resource for the investor.

Along with our comprehensive ‘bearish’ focus on the markets, FallStreet also provides value-oriented information, independent research, and an investment newsletter containing specific company selections.

The FallStreet Feed aggregates, filters, and publishes intelligent and thought provoking investment information.  The Feed has been distributed daily since January 2000 and is read by professional analysts, hedge fund managers, private investors, and academics across the globe.

Unlike the vast majority of money managers and newsletter editors that attempt to profit from exposure to the next ‘hot’ market trend, we are of the mind that the best equity opportunities only arrive when individual stocks are ‘cold’.  To borrow a Buffett’ maxim: we try to be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful.

Following a value orientated approach to investing does not necessarily imply lackluster results.  The Wall Street Wish List had been published quarterly for the last 17-years, and has produced an exceptional track record from specific equity selections alone. 

FallStreet is a perennial feature of Forbes ‘best of the web’

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