"I think our dollar is getting too strong, and partially that’s my fault because people have confidence in me”  Trump

Trump: U.S. currency is already “too strong”

“the entire developed world is insolvent.”

Kuroda:  "whatever it takes"

“...there are signs that monetary policy in the United States and other industrial countries is reaching its limits”  Bernanke

“Everyone is in a currency war and inflation expectations are collapsing”  Edwards

“There is now $7 trillion of government debt with yields below zero globally”

“The Chinese government is going to look after the interests of most of the people, most of the investors”  ~  Li

“We have the power to act. We have the determination to act. We have the  commitment to act”...There are "no limits" to how far the ECB will go  Dranghi

“Every time I saw a bumper sticker which said, 'Where's my bailout?' it hurt”

“For an individual to fix Libor is a crime. For a central bank to suppress European bond yields is an act of financial statesmanship.”

“We should not make the mistake of believing that we have put an end to financial crises”  Fisher

“Lehman Brothers in 2008 was not a bankrupt company”  Fuld

“If I had an easy way, and a non-risk way, of shorting a lot of 20-year  or 30-year bonds, I would do it. But that's not my game. It can't be  done in the quantity that would make sense for us”  Buffett

“Like lemmings at the cliff’s edge, central banks seem steeped in denial of the risks they face.”

“There’s an increasing number of global investors who are starting to lose trust in the world’s central banks”  Rosenberg

“Investors around the world are shocked, shocked that the monetary wizards may have run out of magic tricks to revive global economic growth”

“I  hope we can all agree that once-in-a-century emergency measures are no  longer necessary five years into an economic recovery" Druckenmiller

"Now we are in a completely different world”  Draghi

“There were no fingerprints of an easy money policy in the marketplace”  Greenspan

“There are increasing signs quantitative easing has overstayed its welcome”

“We have to turn the page on the bubble-and-bust mentality that created this mess”


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